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What do you think?

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I don't agree 1 20%
It is not an issue at all 1 20%
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Self-buff while level-up

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I started playing today, so forgive me if this have been discussed, it is a small thing anyway.

I play as summoner name Yasouros and chose champion Soraka.
I tend to place the buff to myself on my avatar icon and so I did with LoL. I healed/buffed others by clicking their model in game, but myself, I did it by clicking my avatar circle.

The problem is that when I try to place the buff immediately before a level up occurs, the buff isnt placed and the flow of my gameplay is stopped. I have (with the buff cursor still on) to gain the level point and then reveal the avatar in order to place the buff.
It's a small thing but kinda annoying and happened a lot of times during the games I played.

So, could this be changed, in way to be able to place the buff even when the avatar circle is covered by the "level-up number"?
Obviously the function to be able to self-buff by clicking on the avatar circle is there intentionally. By implementing the above the function is getting improved.

What do you think?

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Hi Yasouros
This was already discussed some weeks ago, because some one was bringing this up and when im not totally wrong then some dev has said that they will looking into it/change it hopefully its already on their list, btw i agree and thanks for bringing this up again