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[Champion Suggestion] Drak, The Shadow Mimic

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Senior Member


This is an incredibly simple concept and hero, really not much effort on my part but i just thought of it one day.

Basically he is able to use other heroes abilities, his abilities change depending on which champions the enemy team has.

His looks are pretty simple also, he looks like a blackish-purple blob in the shape of a man.

Passive - SHADOW FORM - Drak takes other heroes abilities, after he uses their ability he takes on their form for a short time, which causes his auto attack to be theirs for 4 seconds. But all items have a 5% reduced effect for him.

Q,W,E - each are chosen from a different enemy hero

ULT(R) - SHADOW STALK - Drak is able to fuse into the shadow of target hero (enemy or ally) and travel inside of them, making it impossible for an enemy hero to see them even with invisibility sight. Using the ability again will make you jump out of them. When you jump out of them if they were an enemy they are slowed. If the hero died he comes out automaticly
Mana - 100/125/150
Cooldowns - 180/140/110

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Ad Victoriam



Could be interesting, but definitely needs some tweaking. Basically, I think something more along the lines of Kirby's ability to take just one or two attacks from an enemy (as in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64) would be more reasonable, as then this champion could have his own abilities and not rely on the other team being good and bad at the same time. (Team needs good items, but has to suck with their champion).

Cool concept, wrong execution.