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pvp.net updates

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Hello everyone.

Every week I see new updates in lol, almost always are champions like draven -> pulsefire ezreal -> jayce -> zyra and now diana, but I think is necesary do some changes to pvp.net or in game options to make this experience better, for example:

  • pvp.net like a fullscreen option, to fix some problems with netbooks or the friendchat behind the windows bar
  • an option to change the HUD because the original one is a bit annoying for some users, and some others want something new like this one (pretty nice for me) -> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2369285
  • new music, we have an entire band in the game (pentakil lol) so what about a jukebox to buy some songs to listen inside the game
  • new avatars, like when you unlock a new champ gain an avatar related to him like if I buy jayce gain an avatar with his hammer or something (or mc hammer)
  • achievements, (in fact you're already working in this)
  • a favorite items list, because this is already possible, but what about an option inside the game
  • an option to change the language of the game because I always need to change the laguange using this --> C:/Archivos de Programa/League of Legends/RADS/system/locale.cfg, I'm from Chile ( yes, I live in a pepper ._. ), but I actually preffer the English voices, but I need swap to Spanish every time my GF want to play or my cousin
  • this one probably is stupid, but I think is importan for some players... I use smartcast with some champs, and I have 3 computers, with every champ I play different so I always need to change the keys to enjoy the game, is very annoying do this, I don't knonow if is there some option to save your preferences in your account, to use those keys in every PC without need to change this every time, i was thinking about an option as the same of a rune page or masteries page or a Customkeys.txt like in WC3:TFT
  • new cursors (also in the store) to make this experience better
  • a new LoL icon because the current icon sometimes isn't in HD when someone use rocketdock or something like that
  • and I don't know if I'm the unique, but the boost is also in low quality

Obviously this is not childish, just take it like a feedback, because this is a great game with a great community

love and peace.

bye bye!