A new name for a new server.

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I'm really amazed about the new server, here in Southamerica (I'm from argentina). I expect it for a lot of time, a server where my ping isn't 200-300, and I can play like a normal person. But well, I wanna be concise, I just can't understand why the server have the name of Brazil, why not Southamerica, it sounds stupid but Brazil is not the only country here. I can say that there are a lot of southamerican players, for example, ones from argentina (like me), maybe u can't see them in game, but just because they all speak english. But we are there and I think we should be recognised as well as brazilian players. I think most of people understand what I'm saying. I'm not expecting a Argentina server or something like that, I know thats is imposible in a country like ours, I just want a new name for the recently created server, named Brazil.
I expect the understanding of all of you, southamericans or not.

PD: I didn't know where to write this, so I wrote it here. And why not in the "brazilian" server?, just because Riot is working there and I couldn't post it.