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Lol is a Team game, get over yourself.

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I fail to see the logic in all of this. Sometimes (well most of the time) I feel like we here at League have the worst player base I've ever seen. Used to think it was WoW and since then I've been educated.

Let's start by saying this. It's a Team game. If you don't know how to work as a team then just don't que for ranked. Honestly people who start locking different spots just to piss someone off on the team, dead set on playing one spot/one champ, or refusing to listen to their team mates should be banned after harassing their team so much.

I just don't understand where all this stems from. This is the true reason that ello hell exists. Not feeders, not noobs it's the trolls and the ass hats. Summer kids have just made it that much worse at that.