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Waterfalls and Lava in Summoner's Rift!!

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Hello, Summoners and Rioters!

I think a lot of complaints of a "new map" is that whenever one enters a classic game map and graphics are the same so I would like to propose something that may sound interesting:

@Riot Why not create a set of maps "identical" in "classic gameplay" but completely different in their charts? Let me explain:

While maps have dominated the trees, why not make a map (identical) but dry and dead trees.

Like in Dominion, place any factory, mine, across the map that do not affect visibility or gameplay (such as placement of wards, summoner spells like flash)

In dominion shows the existence of different levels (such as a mine in the basement), this idea may be new classic maps without affecting the gameplay I think.

The use of heat, steam or water craters.

Rune stones or buildings with greater height, etc..

The use of gaps in the ways makes you familiarize immediately LoL-Dota, change this for roads cracked lava, full of stones, sand, etc. I do not know, any variety of textures that do not see "the same thing."

To end my idea of ​​"new map" is that it is very important to waterfalls, dead zones, thunderstorms, thousand textures to place that wouldn't change the gameplay but would greatly enhance the gaming experience. I think that this could significantly increase the amount of summoners who Riot have now.

I think this is a good idea where the gameplay is not harmed but would greatly enhance the experience of the classic game (5v5 destroying turrets and nexus).

P.S.1) Thanks for stopping to read, I think it vital to get a lot of thumps up to @Riot take importance to this issue.

P.S. 2) This idea came thanks to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsdQ3FG2ojA - Riot Thanks for always giving us worry about better service.

P.S. 3) Sorry for the bad english! <3

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Junior Member


Aye this would be great I would love to see much more variance in the ole map, maybe random rotation and at the minimum a true seasonal map. A night or Day map etc..