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Late Game Items

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Glen Julio

Junior Member


I think, we should get more items that scale well in the late game.
Every Carry use Bloodthrister, Infinity Edge, etc. I think Riot should take lame items and turn them to be great. Most Items People rarely use because it can't scale well in the late games. Examples are Cloak and Dagger, Tiamat, etc. I know riot already combine some items like Athenes unholy grail, locket of the iron solari, mal of malmortius, but still i think the late game items lack variety

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Dead Future

Senior Member


Tiamat is a niche utility/damage item. You value pure stats too much. Not every item is for every champion.

The 'Tenacity Trio' was a mistake and a failure to make more Tenacity options to cope with the oppressive power of crowd control. They're just stupid weak and almost completely useless at the moment, regardless of how you try to build around them with runes, masteries, and other items as the game progresses.

Executioner's Calling is sleeper OP and if built around can turn a carry into an immovable lane object that doesn't need to run from fights while denying the bottom lane sustain meta. Combo with a kill lane partner for greater effect. Rush & Crush.

Haunting Guise is extremely potent in the current caster mid lane meta. Not only does it increase burst resistance with flat health, it also melts through 20 more MR on top of boots and runes and gives AP to boost your own burst. Rush & Crush.

Short of the Sunfire Cape being in need of true damage instead of magic damage and all of the items that aren't made yet to cover the places items need to be built for, things are pretty good at the moment.