I wanna do LoL music

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Hey. I have always wanted to do LoL music but never new where to start : / . I did an entry to that lol cypher thing back in February for udyr and it had a few thousand views and people like it but my youtube account got hacked and my videos are now gone : / . That was easy though. Simpler beat and just put lyrics in. But after that I could not go anywhere. I came up with a great song for TF lyrically(IMO) but was so nervous I did not release it. Does anyone here have any advice for someone looking to do LoL music? I am really good at making lyrics and have a decent voice.(I am a male Btw). I just don't know if I should just do tribute type stuff with beats from songs or try and learn how to make music correctly or find people who can help me do that : / I heard this forum is supportive so if anyone has any advice please do tell Thanks