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@Riot: please consider new champion! Id, The Morphling

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Id, The Morphling
Passive: Absorb - When receiving damage Id gains resistance of that type stacking up to 6 times. (stacks from multiple sources)
Q: Shape - (passive- Id gains 1%, 1.5%, 2.5%, 3.6%, 5% of his nearest opponents Magic Defense and Armor.)
Active: Id's Body Takes one of three forms;
Defensive- making his body rigid and reducing incoming damage and stunning enemies that he comes in contact with. lasts 15 seconds at all levels
Offensive- Making his body powerful, and allowing for 3 ranged missile attacks that deal magic damage, and slow his targets
Passive: making his body sleek but increasing his health and mana regeneration for 20 sec
W: Slip- (passive- Id gains 1%, 1.5%, 2.5%, 3.6%, 5% of his nearest opponents Attack Speed and Running Speed)
Active: For 3 seconds Id gains increased movement speed, and slips behind reality becoming undetectable by champions, minions or tru-sight for 3 seconds at all levels.
E: Rebound- (passive- Id gains 1%, 1.5%, 2.5%, 3.6%, 5% of his nearest opponents Ability Power and Attack Damage)
Active: *after receiving an attack rebound becomes available* rebound lashes out in an Area of Effect frontal cone Dealing Magic and Attack Damage (.55ratio ap/ad) + 15% of the damage of the last attack received.
Cooldown: lv1- 19 sec, lv2- 17 sec, lv3- 16 sec, lv4- 15 sec
R: ULTIMATE: Copy Cat - One champion other than Id in game is selected at random. Id takes their shape, and gains that champions ultimate to be used once over a 20 second duration.
Cooldown: lv1- 85sec, lv2-70sec,lv3- 54 sec
(Keep in mind Champions like Heimerdinger have a self based ultimate and therefore Copy Cat will have no effect if selected)

___---- Included is A Quick Sketch of kinda what i Imagined in my head for id too look like--___ if the idea catches on or is liked ill do a full art of it

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Pentakill Jones

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Id sounds very OP. By looking at his abilities he should be called Id, the Stat Stealer. The only thing that seems a little bit bad about him is his ultimate, but it's on such a low cool down at level 3 that your using a possible Global ultimate (such as Karthus') every 54 seconds, which it too strong. Way too strong. If Id takes 5% attack speed, movement speed, MR, Armor, AP, and AD he is essentially taking 25% of it in team fights. Look at Slip. Dang. Even Evelynn doesn't have that good stealth. She can't be seen by Sight Wards, but can be seen by the other one (can't think of it's name), and Slip says that he can't be seen by even True sight. Once again, dang. His passive. Dang again. That means in team fights not only is he taking all the resistance that he can grab, he resists everything coming at him with his passive as well.

I like seeing the community putting forth effort to make new champions, but this won't happen because he is too strong.