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Individual items. Dated or out-of-place.

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Are there any plans for new items in the future or reworks or extension's like Athene's? There are a few item niches that still don't have that item that fits perfectly. Please post examples, I'll keep the OP edited to include suggestions.
That being said, lets have a superthread about items.

Haunting Guise
This thing definitely needs an upgrade similar to Athene's. Not necessarily a buff to the mpen, but the AP and HP bonuses. Potentially build HG into a 3rd AP/HP core item (with RoA and Rylai's), with a blasting wand and a ruby crystal, that would build into...

Haunting Facade
-400 HP
-65 AP
-20 Magic Pen
This would cause the item to be useful late game, but stay cost efficient. And the lower HP/AP stats means you definitely have to sacrifice some stats for the mpen, which is in contrast to the mana on ROA and slow debuff on Rylai's. This item would go well with champions that rarely have mana problems (vs RoA) nor many single target spells to use with Rylai's.

Bilgewater Cutlass

With the lack of use of Hextech Gunblade thesedays, and this item exclusively building into HexG, one rarely sees this item in game anymore. I would suggest making a more AD based version of HexG, because more often than not, hybrids would rather build Guinsoo's Rageblade and and the all-powerful Trinity Force.

The Brutalizer

This also goes in the same page as Haunting Guise, as they are sister items. Give this the same treatment that HG, because in today's game, mid-game items are terrible for longer games and outdated.

Executioner's Calling
This item is severely misplaced, because it deals magic damage but is centered around an AD champion that uses AD scaling abilities. Take, for example, Ashe. The lifesteal is nice, but is easily outdone by The Bloodthirster, whereas the crit is severely outdone by Infinity Edge. Take, on top of that, the dealing of magic damage from the passive that an AD won't need, and an active ability, that is arguably not fun to use, especially because active items can't be keybound like the 4 abilities and SS. This is essentially a mid-game item meant to be a compromise between 2 end-game items, and this item really gets lost in the crossfire of the 2 big name straight AD items.

Moonflair Spellblade & Cloak and Dagger

These items are totally overshadowed by Mercury Treads, or Eleisa's Miracle on support champions. On top of that, they're mid-game items, which are consistent with the theme of most mid-game items; if it doesn't build into an end-game item, it's not useful. Whether this is true or not, arguable. But the community as a whole doesn't utilize mid-game dead-end items often. Spirit Visage also hits that bad area to some extent.

Item niches that aren't particularly covered include:

A second AD-HP item, as Frozen Mallet has a AP equivalent in Rylai's, so should RoA have a mild equivalent in the AD circle. And FM doesn't synergise well with many champions, such as Ashe and Corki to an extent.

A potential 3rd AP-HP item, as the niche that Rylai's or RoA fall into is somewhat narrow for mana-sustaining AoE champions. You wonder why Malzahar and Viktor aren't popular picks...

Health Regen and Attack Speed.

Health Regen and AP.

Simply put, I'd like to know Riot's and the community's view on the current selection. I realize you can't make every item possible, because in that case why not just make it a "buy your stats outright" type of system. But there are a few niches that aren't covered even once in terms of quality items. I'm intrigued to know more. The sheer number of champions is getting high, and it could be time to start looking at designing and balancing new items.

Or maybe Magma Chamber but one can only dream