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Behaviour in ranked game champion pick

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Junior Member


Recently I've been having a lot of games where someone in the chat writes something like "top or feed." This is a huge problem and there should be a report feature in the client that allows for reporting this before the game begins. Ultimately, it would be nice if a feature would be added that would allow users to report and 'kick' a player out before the game starts.

Below I've copied the text from one of my recent games

ShutUpYouLoveIt joined the room.
Laserbeak joined the room.
theoneian joined the room.
TomyHick joined the room.
FpRyuk joined the room.
Laserbeak: hi all
ShutUpYouLoveIt: top
theoneian: jungle
theoneian: or adc
ShutUpYouLoveIt: top or feed

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dude, there are hundreds of forums on this issue, just look and you'll see them. People have responded to them so rather than have me tell you why this would/wouldn't work, please look at the forums.