Who should be report?

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One lanes lost, report bot; two lanes lost, blame no mia; three lanes lost, jungler is reported. Reporting is free, report the player who you don't like, he will be suspended.

Let me remind you that:

1) Don't pay for Riot Game:

2) If you reported by some bad player, even you weren't a bad player, your account will be permanently suspended.

3) Report the players who you don't like, report is free and no need to pay. Their account will be suspended, or permanently suspended.

4) Tribunal want to save their time, they will not read the chat log and try to think double. Report the players who don't follow your direction, you are the lord, you are the boss, Pls Feel Free to report the players better than you, then you can go higher elo, even you play worst.

For your reference:

1) http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5986324/