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Looking for people who use skype to play premade normals/duo queue ranked

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Greatest Dad NA

Senior Member


Hello all, I am looking for people to play LoL with on skype, not to give myself a communication advantage, but purely because I find it much more fun to talk to my teammates. Normals are meant to have fun, not completely rage at how bad your teammates are.

Anyways, the positions I can play well are mid, jungle, and support. I can ad ok in normals, but not comfortable with it in ranked. I am also a ward ***** because wards win wars, squidward. I'd prefer the people to have a relatively good sense of humor as well. It'd also be nice to play with a girl as well, those things are hard to find and are very polite. Anyways, feel free to message me in LoL about yourself and your skype info. I will add you on skype if I'm interested