Elo hell is hilarious and check out Turtle Jayce!

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To start this is not a QQ thread i never rage or get mad ingame however i just think there are some outcomes just too hilarious to keep to myself.

First two picks are me as Jayce doin my Turtle thing toplane and team is gettin rolled. I get gp10s to allow me to do some roaming to try and assist team while still keeping up for lategame. Third pick is what an example of an outcome having me turtle through early game then becomming a wreckingball lategame

*Note: Normally i wont get thorn however in 3rd pick u can see that enemy team had two ad carries since kayle was toplane so armor and its debuff helped a lot.

Feel free to comment and post ur picks and leme kno what u think about the turtle jayce build. its super effective imo. DAt elo hell

Specifically note the gold in my 3rd pick. this build allows me to get full build before any1 else in game (even fed ad carries) which allows for full elixer stacks aswell