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Valoran's Reckoning (Open RP OC's welcome)

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Lunari Starfox

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(( Oh I thought there were specific rules for this RP :P ))

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((No, it's completely open.))

((Also, I've added the rules, they're common sense for RPers, but it's there as a reminder.))

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((I'm not sure how to start this. If I do anything wrong, let me know. Also, if anyone has any helpful tips, I would appreciate them. ))
(( http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/1896 ))

Bran knocks on the door of Heimerdinger's workshop outside of the Yordle Academy of Science & Progress.
"Hey Heimer! Are you in there?" He yells, "It's me, Bran! Corki wants to know about that scanning device you were working on for the search and rescue project. I have a few more letters to deliver so I don't have time to waste."
He waits expectantly for a reply, and, hearing none, slides a letter under the door. He leaves grumbling to himself, "That inventor... he's either forgotten about it or finished it. Where is he when I need him? Probably delivering a lecture on the properties of magic in metaphysical molecules...."