Miss Fortune

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King Phong

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What is a good build for MF? Runes etc. And why is there no update for MF? Seems like forever since the last update.

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Quick Rawr

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She doesn't need an update? After her last one she's in a great place. She hits like a truck early game in the laning phase and you need to make the most of this time in order to do well the rest of the game. Just FYI.

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Standard AD carry runes, armor pen/armor/mr@18 with AD quints.

Start with boots/pots unless you have a soraka support and they aren't a kill lane, in which case, go for the dorans blade first.

First back should be berserkers, double dorans, and if possible crit gauntlets towards your Zeal or 2-3 more pots if you need them. Second back should finish the zeal and save the rest towards B.F. sword.

After B.F., finish the phantom dancer, then work towards the infinity edge. Laning should be over/near over at this point, make sure you get every bit of CS that you can (standard AD Carry rules apply here)

After the Inf. Edge, build defensive based on their comp/items. I typically go for a GA or banshee's.

Next, go Bloodthirster for the LifeSteal or Last Whisper for the extra dmg. Build the other afterwards.

Final item is strictly situational, up to you. If I didn't GA earlier, I often GA here.

The big trick for MF is utilizing the speed she has early, using creep position to second-hit the enemy with double up (Q) and poke as often as possible. If you know when you're going to take damage, and can still make sure your opponent is out of range, you will win your lane in CS.

Once laning is over, and there is no team fight, you should be watching the minimap for enemy position and farming everything you can get your hands on to maximize your CS.

In teamfights, poke early, use the speed to get in and out, or use that speed to come in blazing once the enemy is engaged and they've sighted on their targets.

MF's biggest advantage is her hefty damage from Q/W and her speed, use them every chance you get, and you'll carry the team to victory.