Nooby question, but why im here

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How should i build Warwick?? item wise, what would be the best...i hear he is terrible at laning, but what about farming? I used to play Teemo if i have to change my playing style..

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Not sure if you checked these links out. Wish I knew more about Warwick myself.

LoL Character Guides Directory

Leaguecraft Warwick Guide Directory

And good luck with Warwick!

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I'll just quickly knock out a few good points about Warwick and how he should be played for you. Look at any of those guides for something more indepth.

-Because of his passive and his Q giving lifesteal, Warwick is best suited to farming the neutral creeps scattered aorund the map, often refered to as jungling. He can do this from level oen forward and is one of the few champions that can do this effectively.

-A good summoner spell to take is Smite, to be able to kill some of the buff holding neutral creeps (Lizard and Golem in Summoner's Rift, and Wolf, Ghost, Lizard and Dragon in Twisted Treelines) as well as help jungle some of the regular neutral creeps at lower levels. Getting the Plentiful Bounty mastery (Tier 1, Offense Tree) is great too as you'll want to use Smite every chance you get.

-Warwick excels at ganking, so jungling is certainly one of the better options for his playstyle. Coming out of the jungle to kill a champion that has low HP is playing to Warwick's strengths. His Blood Scent and Infinate Duress expemlify this pop out of no where play.

-Infinate Duress will stack on-hit effects like Black Cleaver, Madred's Bloodrazor and Frozen Mallet, to name a few. Take advantage of this, as Warwick will strike six times before the ultimate ends.

-Warwick is built to chase down opponents with Blood Scent, as well as move through the vast spaces of the jungle quickly. Anything that improves movement speed is always a good choice.

-Rememember that Warwick's passive is dependant on how many times he hits an opponent, not how hard he hits them. Attack speed can certainly save your life with his natural lifesteal on-hit effect.

Hope this helps =)

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Most players build warwick with Bloodrazor / Boots / Guardin Angel early/mid game...

After that, it's about how you want to play him... a bit more tanky and even a better chaser with Randuins Omen / Frozen Maller... more damage with Black cleaver / Inf Edge / Bloodthirster... or slightly supportive with an aegis/starks, given that this is far from his best build, but quite ok if no one else in your team can get them.

Also nice to know, Wit's End is true damage, giving an extra 210 true damage on your ult against mana users, item isn't worth it in most games but occasionally it can wreck!