how do you decide who is doing well?

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SO i was playing a game where 4 players in the enemy team were on was jsut me and support. This went of for quite a while...after say 15 minutes, i had a 2-6-0 score...but still managed to have mroe cs than the other lanes, who also never managed to kill a tower.
of course, i had to start dealing with people complainign that i was feeding.
sometime after 20 minutes the opps finially managed to take bot tower. Our team didnt manage to take a tower at all until i managed a triple kill in a 4 vs 5 (our garen was busy jungling to get the money to buy his 2nd warmogs)
...shortly after that our jugnler DC'd and after a hard 40 minute game we finially lost...the entire team of course blaming me.
when you start complainign about someone dying a you ever remember if you checked to see wtf was going on anyway and why they are dying? or is that irrelevant...