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The Clock Chaser

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Aria Sachou

Senior Member


Me playing Nasus with a friendly Zilean ally.

(22-25 mins)
I'm heading top after pushing and going b to get item
Zil leaves bot to go roaming/warding.
He goes to ward my top bush/baron
He meets enemy Irelia
She stuns him and starts AAing him
He manages to run with 350ish hp, Irelia chasing him very closely popping ghost
She cuts him off top tower and jungle so he heads for mid tower.
He reaches mid tower with his speed boost Irelia close but just out of her Q range.
She is gaining on Zil.
Zil heads down mid lane
Irelia runs through Malzahar (who didn't have ulti) and the tower.
Zil reaches the 2nd mid tower and Irelia Q's and E slows him
Zil clutch Speed and flash with less then 90hp.
Irelia still chases.
I finally catch them outside out base between 2nd mid tower and inhib tower.
I wither and Q Irelia. Zil bombs her and Malzahar Q and Es her.
She finally dies

Zilean: Holy **** that was close.
Malz: Wow you got chased across half the map.
(Me) Nasus: Dude, she wants your clock.

My Team's face when: