Move Skill bar

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Allow to scroll out bit a bit further, so long range shots (Like Nidalees Spear) Can still be used effectively when locked.

Also move the Skill Bar from bottom middle of the screen since this makes it obviously more difficult for purple team.
I for one absolutely HATE playing purple team, for this reason alone. I find it Extremely difficult to play ranged classes also due to lack of sight.
Fog of war is in the game for a reason, - Please allow these fixes and I believe purple team (Locked players) would have a lot more fun. and make more challenging matches

I know most people play unlocked, but how many started as locked and were forced to learn unlocked simply because of the disadvantage given purple team? - Someone make a Poll on this? -

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Even as a player that has evolved from locked to unlocked, I still wouldn't mind the ability to manipulate my HUD similar to what Star wars the old republic (tm) does.

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Yeah i Agree, having the ability to scroll out a little more can be beneficial to not only skill shots but also being on the purple side of the map, I've noticed that not only I but also portion of the league community have a lot of difficulties playing on the purple side because they cannot see the enemy because of the hud, I think that if we could scroll out a little more it would solve two problems in one