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Character selection, a process of systematic user harassment

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I feel like the character selection process we currently use, both draft and regular, has systematic problems that negativity effect the League of Legends community. First character selection as it is now creates problems when users desire similar hero, lane or role options. Secondly it ignores the users preferences for different team compositions. And finally, the process is needlessly time consuming.

When faced with a blind character selection screen you are given 90 seconds to choose your character and discuss options. However, it can become a marking of territory with people clicking their champion and claiming their lane. Talon Mid, Shen Top etc... leaving anyone else wanting to play those positions or champions to compromise and choose a different character or lane, quit the champion selection, or try to persuade the person to choose a different option. The most visible indicator of this problem within the system is when you have two people fighting for one position at odds with each other. Two people jungling or playing in the middle lane while constantly yelling and bickering with each other. People dropping Q because someone took their character. Each player deserves to play the position and champion they wish to play.
I hesitate to speak of meta games and team compositions. However, I do feel like League of Legends is at its core based around competition AND innovation and fun. The current character selection encourages the current meta game because it doesn't challenge it. Some variant of AD carry bot, AP mid, support Bot, Beefy Top, Jungler Is expected from many players. Picking a character or role to far away from this idea is met with insults, harassment and Q dropping. Since users are given no guidance or creative options status quo becomes hegemonic law.
Your initial wait time, 90 seconds to discuss, 10 seconds more to pick your skills, unsatisfied players dropping Q restarting the whole process, it can be over 5 minutes or more for a blind pick game to begin. Then if you throw in draft time and ranked Q differences and player loading times it can be a significant amount of time waiting to play League of Legends rather than getting to the action.
All of these problems stem from the character selection process not aligning with the needs and desires of the player community. When users want to play the same character, want to play an oddball team comp or have a quick game before work they are let down by the current system. I feel these are problems most people take on the chin because League of Legends is such a great game. However, to continue to foster a positive community and arena to play and compete and enjoy in changes need to be made. Thank you.