[Help much needed] How to farm?

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Hi community, I'm Shumoko, currently a lv30 summoner. Lately, I have been doing terrible in ranked. My problem is that my cs is always lower like 50~75 creeps than my enemy, which is a big disadvantage in term of items. The funny thing is I start off not so bad. I got the last hitting okay, but as soon as it hit mid game, my cs falls behind rapidly. Am I missing something in mid/late game? Can anyone with a lot of experience advice? Thanks alot.

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Sounds to me like your leaving your lane and helping with small mid game teamfights.

If you are playing a champ that needs farm badly, let your team mates know you are trying to farm for x item. Tell them to play it safe and not fight unless your turret is helping with damage you aren't dealing because your farming in another lane.

You could also try taking teleport. The other night as Tristana, mid game fights were breaking out near mid tower a lot. So I was going to bot lane, pushing it far and as soon as the enemy team was missing on the minimap I'd go back to base/teleport to opposite side of the map and push top real far. Only to see 2-5 of them appear on the minimap where I just was.

The enemy was so busy trying to get to me that my team wasn't getting in unfair lobsided team fights. I ended up getting a lot of core items and carrying us when we finally got into late game.