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Attack Speed - Ability Power Items

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After seeing Diana's skillset, she immediately reminded me that even some AP casters/users in the game actually benefits from Attack speed.

This gives me an idea to suggest buffing items that gives Attack Speed AND Ability Power. I can't tell how exactly, but buff it in some way:

-Nashor's Tooth
-Guinsoo's Rageblade

Champions that benefits from some of these items:


This is just a simple suggestion. Let me know what you guys think about this.

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The synergy between the two stats is there...on some champions, but other stats are just more important to get, or are combined better using different items. You'd honestly be better getting a blood razor alongside regular AP items, or sticking to the better hybrid items, or just sticking to items that fit your role, based on the champions you've listed.

The main issue is that stacking attackspeed with an AP scaling on hit, while effective sustained damage, just doesn't compete with regular ADs unless it scales as high as Fizz, and he just has so much burst from his ratios it's insane to not get pure AP on him.

This stems mostly from the items having low overall stats, making them slot inefficient. If there was something that built from a Recurve bow and Needlessly Large Rod, that could change.

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Malady - Good for its niche. Shreds MR to make up for the difference in the AP:AS ratio. Also cheap.

Nashor's Tooth - Fantastic as it is for these champs. With the recent buff to its AP AND cost reduction of both it and Stinger, all of its stats are fantastic and it's actually rather powerful for its cost.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - The most cost-efficient item in the game, last I knew. Nearly hits 180% efficiency at maximum stacks. My only complaint is the 8 stacks can be difficult to keep up on certain champs, but the only suggestion I could come up with is change it to 6 stacks that last 4 seconds (and increase the stack's stat value) so it doesn't take as long to build up. But really it doesn't need that, it's a fantastic item as it is.

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For Diana. The idea is positively thrilling. A champ that can USE Nashor's that well XD