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Champion to master...

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But Why are skill shots so necessary? I used to think that a skill shot is a bad thing (since you can avoid it walking randomly or staying behind your minions).

Because it's harder to hit, skillshots are usually stronger than targeted or AOE attacks.
For example, Compare Morgana's Dark Binding with Ryze's Rune Prison.

Dark Binding does more base damage, has a better AP ratio, Costs less mana early, Has a shorter base cooldown, and stuns for twice as long at least levels, and more than twice as long at early levels. It is also twice the range, which is huge. Late-game they do similar damage since Ryze's scales with his mana, but Morgana can shoot bindings from far away and the duration difference is huge.

This isn't true of all comparable skills. For example, Taric's Stun is better than Amumu's bandage toss numbers-wise, though bandage toss pulls amumu into position, which basically makes it the most important part of his kit.

Furthermore, skillshots have the advantage of being able to be cast blind, meaning you can throw them into bushes or over walls, and his champs that you know or think are there without putting yourself in any danger.

Lastly, tons of champions have skillshots. Being good at them makes you a better, more versatile player. Even Riven has one on her R, ever missed that? Yeah, you wanna be good at skillshots.