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Taric: AP or what?

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If you got any questions about a good AP build on Taric the gemknight ... i would suggest you go take a peak at my AP taric guide ... Taric - The PWNERER!!! ... i wrote an extensive guide on how i play him and how he is puplicly underestimated, and how he is always being seen as "useless to anything but heal" ... my guide will show you how to actually give you the chance of dealing MASSIVE damage, and also how to rotate your DPS cycles. Hope it will help, and change your mind about him

Lol, little late to check out your build...I already did! That's actually what started up my AP build testing. So far, I do well with him but lose the game thanks to idiot teammates or bad teamwork. Like last game; I was going 3-3-10, but we had an idiot for an Alistar. He spent the whole game saving the other team's asses when the fire got a bit too hot. He seemed to think he could kill something. It was ridiculous.

The biggest problem I have with the AP build at the moment is this:

His skills require you to be pretty close. Really close. I haven't had the time to hit summoner level 30 yet, so I don't have the max cooldown from masteries. I have about 3% of of cooldowns starting off, then I work my way into a tanky AP/Health build because there's only one "real" item that can help with AP and cooldowns, which is Fiendish Codex. Nashor's works too, but I tend to have problems getting other items that I need if I focus on that. I don't like having to sink 2k into an item so I can have decent cooldowns and then get stuck with no damage. I haven't tried throwing a Lich Bane into my build yet, so maybe that could help. At least then I'll the AP damage bonus even if my stun was used from a distance.

At the moment I'm running:

-Rod of Ages
-Sorceror's Boots (I'm thinking of switching this out for a high mobility boot. Maybe if I'm faster I won't have to waste stun from so far away)
-Archangel's Staff
-Fiendish Codex
-(No idea, haven't gotten this far.)

Maybe something like this? (http://completelol.com/wiki/Champion_Stats_Calculator?hero=29&level=18&item=63_10_3_89_27_40) His AP would be about 450-500, health just under 3k, mana above 3k and would have excellent mobility. Well, till he damages someone. The only problem is the high cost, really. So I doubt anyone'd really finish it.