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The last tower

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I'm a 3v3 lvl 30 pubstomper and I + many other people claim the tower should be repositioned to remove turtle tactics.

So shut up you snotty little try hard. Go play in the sand pit with your toy tonka truck or something.

get back to me when you at least get rated. There is absolutley no problem with turtling if you know what you're doing. Clearly, you guys don't. Try not downing the inhib till you can down at least 2 enemies with 30-40 second timers, AND get both inhibs and make a tower push. Until then, leave inhibitors alone. Force the opponents to either farm from the inhibitor (which is incredibly dangerous if they are that far behind), OR let the creeps kill the inhibitor, making them lose a bunch of cs while they wait for them to kill it.

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you're saying your team is using it to help themselves, and give your team breathing room, but you'd prefer they don't so you can lose faster? I feel bad for your teammates having to play with you