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Joining games without pressing "Join" Button.

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Tonight I was playing a game, finished the game, pressed the Victory button and it took me to the "Skip waiting for stats and play again button" screen. I pressed it, and it took me to the normal game select screen, but I didn't press join, I pressed back or cancel.

Upon realizing it wasn't showing my experience or IP gain from the last game I decided to relog. After relogging it notified me that there was a game in progress and to please rejoin.

When I pressed the rejoin button nothing happened, except the little League of Legends icon that comes up on your screen was stuck, this stayed there until I ended the process of League of Legends.

This isn't the first time it has happened, however last time it allowed me to rejoin, although I had missed character select, and was forced to play an unknown character and cause the defeat of our team, even though the other 4 members on my team stated they were on Ventrilo together. HOWEVER this time I had been trying to solo queue except it had been giving me some sort of error ("Queuing failed, please retry again" or something).

I've got a screenshot that shows what happens after trying to reconnect.


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anata ga mori



I think you may want to move this to the "Bugs" section rather than the Guides and Strategy section.