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A little guide to helping people form/join teams

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Right into the information:
List the name of the team or say that it's to be decided(unless you are looking for a team). People love statistics. List your profile at LoLKing.net and copy and paste it( with your other teammate[s]) onto the forum post you are about to make. Say what elo you are(and your teammate(s) and say if Skype is required or not or is prefered or such in that matter. Explain how far you are wanting the potential teammate to expand his occupation towards your team(Example: Play team all day every day, until 1700 elo, just until this month ends). Also say if you are truly wanting to go serious on the competitive ladder(usually people play differently and react differently if said). Say your specifications(Example: 1300 elo, positive win over lose ratio in any ranked, [my favorite]not a young kid, no ragers).

<3 TT Community. I'm done here.
/Reason why I put this:
Seen multiple post within a three day period of people wanting people to join their ranked team and yet to see a post on them(and them bumping it constantly) so I wanted to help out.