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Looking for Duo (1400 ~ 1500)

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Junior Member


Hello guys, so as the title says im looking for a duo partner to get on 1900 elo.
Random Stuff About Me:
So, my name is Conrad and i palyed as AD Carry for "tdh tryout" (EU team with 1750 elo)
but unfortunally my account got hacked after playing hard for 3 years. I was 1000 wins + and 1700 elo.
Anyway, i got angry and stop play Lol, but my friend gave me his account zElGoog wich was 1/2 on rankeds as nocturne. When i got the acc i went right away to 1450 elo getting 8/2 in ranked, and now im looking for any duo partner to go for rankeds with me.
My main positions are Jungle and AD Carry, so im looking for a support/top player
IGN: zElGoog

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Wrong forum. Your looking for the Clan & Team Recruitment forum. Not the Fan Art forum.