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[Feature Suggestion] Friend Notes and Categories!!

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[Feature Suggestion] Friend Notes and Categories!!

Sometimes we add a friend after a good game but it's hard to remember who they are. Or they're an real life friend but you don't remember their handle in the mess of friends and want them in their own section.

Please make categories so we can sort out real life friends, good players that we wanna queue with, or just funny trolls that you wanna troll with.

Add a small section for notes for each player so you can put in things like their real name if you know it, and some notes like "Good bot AD" or "Good Blitz player" or "hilarious joker on skype" or "never invite for ranked".

It's just really hard to keep track of stuff with this current interface like "who is this that I added months ago and never talk to...", "oh... it's my neighbor that I just unfriended cuz I forgot his handle now he's mad at me..."

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