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Banning - User Meliadul - Last Hour

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Good night everyone.

I just got banned, great. As i have been before. It seems like a unpleasant result. For the second time, my team does bad. They feed, they won't read, they ignore pings....and in the end, because i keep trying to say they are doing wrong, that they are fighting blind, that they are going on crazy unnecessary chases, in the end i get banned.

Truly, i did nothing bad this time, i warned them i was going to report them, since they don't like that, my only bet is that they ALL report me. So, here i am, the chosen of them all, only because i tried to win.

I merely ask the moderetors, or whoever there is responsable, to check my last game, all chat logs, all game events, and later at game end lobby, all places confirms what im saying.

I know my ban won't be lifted. Too bad this game doesn't get a fair 'trial' or as you guys may call it. Nothing can be done to prove i've done nothing wrong. Only the click of 4 people who got mad because i woudln't surrender, or just because i was not doing bad, they were.

Anyways, i don't demmand nothing but justice, its really unfair to be banned by a merely clicks. I broke no rule, and if you, moderators, read the chat logs, you will clearly see me saying: "I'm reporting you guys, having no respect, or making the game enviroment unhealty is a bannable offense". And a few lines after: "Rules? Rules are made to be broken, we just all report you, enjoy your ban".

This is not even taken under consideration. PLEASE improve this system. Getting banned just because they don't like what i said!????!?!?!

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First the bans aren't instant, they are looked over by the Tribunal.

Also, just because you don't use offensive words doesn't mean you're not bannable.

From the sounds of it, you make it seem like you say things such as "why did you go there? That was the dumbest thing ever"


That stuff is also bannable.

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You sound like you are a negative influence in matches, just by that post. Before blaming yourself for the last game you lost you instantly diverted the attention to your team mates and did't take into consideration the fact that ranked matches (I'm assuming it's ranked) are sorted by Elo and there IS a reason why your Elo is where it is now because honestly, if for whatever reason, a team is automatically set for failure due to a lack of skills, I don't believe that you would coincidentally be in that team, EVERY game.

Also, the tribunal is designed so people see the chat logs and the scores and if you get reported for verbal abuse/offensive language, I think that the 20 million people in the tribunal will be able to read the chat log/look at both and say either "Gee, he doesn't seem that nice" or "Man, why did they report him?" If you got banned, it's 99% likely you're guilty

Finally, to sort out the final 1%, riot looks at all the cases that get heavy amounts of punishes on them so if for whatever reason that you are placed in a low Elo team where 4 people had lucky breaks for 5 or more games to get to the Elo you're on and you spoke to them politely about their failures (which I am highly sceptical about) AND they decided to report you for an unjustified reason that was then evaluated by 20 MILLION people that ALL said "he's guilty" when he's not, the riot staff will still look at your case with a careful, unbiased eye and they will evaluate a lot of your games including what your team mates did, what you did, the chat log for both teams and the exp, gold, creep score, item build and level for each player + the K/D/A ratio. SO if you got banned, I think you deserved it. Oh wait, I almost forgot, in order to be banned you need to be punished by the tribunal in 6 or more cases (about) so if we just repeat everything that happened in the last paragraph 6 times, we should get your case.

It doesn't seem believable that you didn't deserve the ban so if it isn't a perma-ban, do your time and think about everything you say and do and if it is a perma-ban, then make a new account and just think why you got banned.

TL;DR: Please read paragraph 3, it sums up everything