G5 Support/ADC Looking for new friends to play with and/or Team! (Silver1+ preferred)

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IGN: Lost Hopes
Position(s): Support, ADC
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
Division: Gold V
Your 3 best champs in your role:
Support: Soraka, Janna, Taric
ADC: Twitch, Cait, Sivir
Why do you want to join this team?: I'm looking for a serious team and a new circle of friends. I want gold this season, my 5's team fell just short of gold last season, I fell just short of gold solo last season, but my 3's team was gold.
Why should I choose you for the Support?: I am very experienced with ADC, and as a result, am familiar with making calls and fulfilling the needs of the ADC both in wards and in peeling. I am also smart with my build and know how to problem-solve. I won't cookie-cutter, I actually build to counter. I'm a successful support in solo queue for 2 seasons now and would like to take it to ranked.
Why should I choose you for ADC?: I played ADC for my ranked team for the entirety of season 2, and I'm pretty successful at my role. I'd say I'm quite experienced. We finished 1440, just short of the 1450 gold mark. I mained Ezreal back then, but now that the focus has shifted to hypercarries, I'm focusing on Twitch, Cait, and Draven.