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Blood Razor Ashe Item Build: IE Auto Attacking For Noobs!

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Heres an item build ive been playing with on Ashe...

Regrowth Pendant - Early game HP regen, stay out in your lane as long as possible.
Phillosiphers stone - Upgrade from Regrowth, mana regen will allow you to spam spells.
Boots of Swiftness - Makes you super mobile.
Blood Razor x 3 - Start your first blood razor by building the madreds and pick axe...

You stack the madred and eventually youll get something like

200-250 dmg @ 2 shots / sec that equals about 500-650dmg crits

Plus the razors % damage stack so youll be doing 5-7.5% of the targets max health...
On tanks with like 3000 hp thats an extra 225 damage...

Basically this uncreative build allows you to auto attack with your frost arrows and spam your ult and volley whenever you need to. The more HP your target has, the harder you will hit.

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When does she NOT auto attack?

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I actually did this two nights ago, worked pretty well.