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Let's talk about IP Management, need some help

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Leib Olmai

Senior Member


Hi, hope you guys are doing well.

I've been playing for about 2 weeks, and I'm level 20+.
I've bought 7 champions.. 2 are 3150, 2 450 rest 1350.

I'm sitting around 6k IP right now.
Alot of poeple tell me to get some runes.. since I have acces to tier 3 runes, which are the best.

I've done the mats, and it would cost me.. 12650 to 29620 IP to full a runes pages at level 30, right now at my level, maybe 10k to 20k...The minimum is by buying all the rune at the lower price, and the higher the rune at the higher price.

If I've understand, 1 rune fill 1 spot. So if I want 6 rune with the same effect, I have to buy it 6 times. That's how I came to that result. (I doubt you can only buy one rune and place it at multiple place, maybe I'm wrong ?)

But right now.. I love some of the champ I've bought, but not all. We all do bad purchase. So, I still want to buy other champ at the same times I want those runes.
Right now, I have 3 champ in head for a total cost of 6850 IP, which I have soon.

I don't know if I should let down some champ.. and actually buy some runes, or just focus on champs. Or only on runes.. since it's so expensive. (Even more if I have to make alot of page O.O)

So, what's more important, finding champion that we like, or those runes ? I know before level 20 they don't really worth it, but what's actually the case after level 20 ?
So, how should I manage those IP ? So far, I just bought some champ that I would like. But I like playing alot of champ and changing game to game. Even more than I like choosing a champ that the team actually need. I'm lacking of tank, which I prefer playing the most. So I had 3 in head and maybe one or 2 other later that interest me.

And thinking about buying a 6300 champs right now after the rune math is kinda.. worthless.

Any opinion ?
Thanks alot ! =D

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Emissary of the League


What I would have recommended doing was buying a full rune book of Tier One Runes as you were leveling up. They give a little over half the benefit of Tier Three Runes at about 8% of the cost. That way you can have the partial benefit of runes, and be able to replace them at your leisure. So whenever there was not a champion you really wanted to buy you could replace one Tier One with a Tier Three, or Buy 5-6 Runes in between every champion purchase. I find its good to go back and forth between the two because it makes the IP cost much more manageable. Also you can combine your cheap Tier One Runes into Tier Three Runes and maybe save a lot of IP that way.

But if you are really against buying anything but Tier Three, I would still recommend doing your book in increments. If you have 6000 IP treat yourself to another new champion, and then spend all the leftover IP on runes (Quintessences first, or the Mana regeneration Seals, I find that these have the most noticeable effect on your game-play). This way you still get to try new champions while slowly building up your Rune Book.

There really is not a huge rush on Runes, while they are nice they are not completely necessary unless you plan on playing extremely competitively.

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Leib Olmai

Senior Member


I was thinking about those rune actually :
Blue : CDR
Red : Health or AP
Yellow : Mana
Quint : CDR

Is the less expensive are a good choice to the most expensive ?

But yeah, I really still like to try the other champs at the same times. Does the rune change that much the game ? Because yeah, I jsut saw that it could cost me like.. 2 weeks of stacking IP to actually full a book.
I'm really interested in Rammus/Scion/Mundo. Also later I would like to try Pantheon, Xin, and there's some 6300 champ that could actually interest me.

Waiting on free week for each could actually, take too much times too. So, in the end, not sure how to manage that. If there's a way to "not-pay-real-money" because right now I have alot of things to pay haha.

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Senior Member


If you really feel you need runes, like he said, get t1's. Do not get T2's, they're too expensive and you'll replace them with T3's at some point Do not rely on the combine system, it's completely random.4

I would focus on trying heroes until you find one you REALLY like and a willing to play a long while until you build up the IP to buy runes. Those runes won't help you much or at all if your not good with your hero/don't really like playing them.

To answer your question about runes, You can only use a individually purchased rune once per set up. So yes, you must be each rune multiple times in order to fill all 9 slots (3 for quints). However, you can use the same runes across different rune pages, so if you want to use the same runes in a different setup, you do not have to buy another set.

When you do start buying runes I would get a standard set:
Red: 9 Armor pen and or Magic Penetration
Yellow: 9 HP/Lvl or Flat Dodge
Blue: 9 Flat Cooldown Reduction or Magic Resist/lvl (i pref CDR but some people like MR)
Quints: 3 Flat +32 flat HP

As colloquial said, get quints first, and probably work your way up that list with Magic and then armor pen runes last (though really, the order doesn't matter, just get quints first as they provide the highest benefit for the lowest cost, I say magic and then armor pen last because that way the runes you buy will be useful no matter who you play)

If you switch between Armor pen and Magic Pen, you will have a rune set that work with every possible hero in the game. You can specialize them more if you want, but this is probably the most cost effective setup.

Edit: I would still go Flat HP over CDR quints becuase:

1.) The benefit is much more noticeable, 100~ Hp vs 5%~ CD reduction at the start, the HP is more impactful.
2.) Not all heroes can use that 5% CDR. If you're a hero that stacks CDR, the 5% from blues alone will probably juuust cap you with 1 item, with 10% you're probably going over the cap, making it useless. Even if it doest, if you're not playing a CD reliant hero (let's say master Yi), that 5% does absolutely nothing for you, but defensive that 100 HP could save your life at the start of the game and offensively, that 100 HP could allow you to have the confidence to early dive for a kill and be able to survive (I recently built a page w/o HP quints and immediately missed it in my first game because I missed a kill I would otherwise easily have dived for, but couldn't becuase of my lower HP pool.)

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My suggestion is...

Red: Penetration
Yellow: Mana Regeneration/Level
Blue: Magic resist/level
Quints: 2 Flat health 1 of choice (Can be CDR to hit the cap, Movespeed, more pen, or AP)

My reasoning for reds is a bit obvious, they make or break first blood. The damage difference is more noticeable if you take middle. Most champions have lower base armor than 18, which is how much armor penetration you get from armor penetration on reds. This means you will be dealing true damage for the first few levels. In terms of magic penetration, you get 8.5, which, when combined with mage boots, gives you a total of 28.5. This amount almost overcomes the base 30 magic resist on non-melee DPS champions. I would prioritize finishing reds first.

For the blues and the yellows, these rune-types are a great choice as you can finish both sets at 3690 IP. Dodge runes are expensive and won't make the difference unless you have nimbleness mastery or are playing a dodge-dependent champion. In my opinion, they are a very expensive luxury and should only be bought if you have the extra IP. Magic resist is a better choice than cooldown reduction because CDR caps at 40%. Golem buff gives you 24% at 18, and masteries give you about 9%, and so that means you're only shy 7%. In another situation brilliance elixir will give you 10%, cool down reduction items will gives you 10-15%, and masteries give you 9%, meaning you are only shy 7-11%. You will waste well over 6000 IP on cool down runes while you only need a few more points to hit the cap.

Health was explained quite well by Gaimcap. I hope that my opinions will help you.

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Leib Olmai

Senior Member


Well, I might do something like.. try to find my main. Rammus have been a champ I wanna try for a long time.
And get some Health Quint, since I really prefer Tank (initiator / disabler) so health will always be welcome.
If I really like him, I'll go with tank rune, and when I feel like playing something else, well more health always help, regain of mana or else too.