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Zyra - First impressions

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Just finnished a bit of a marathon session with Zyra, out of 8 total games - I won 7 of them with the other 1 being one a bug splatted crash to desktop and was unable to rejoin the game without crashing again. Oh well, it happens.

I played her both top and bottom. Overall she seems alright - definately one of the weaker bottom champions but I was able to make her work.

Her plants felt kinda meh. The ranged plants seemed to rarely target champions, but were ok for pushing minion waves when bottom. Seeds are great so you don't need to facecheck bushes and help when bottom as enemies will have a hard time playing with bushes while you have constant vision. The melee slowing plants are much better as long as you can hit the enemy champion with the root as well. All the plants feel very squishy and go down pretty fast if they are targeted (300 hp I believe).

Speaking of her skillshot root - it is super crazy important (trademarked phrase). Be extremely careful when you use this offensively and defensively. A decent enemy that sees you use this will be much more aggressive when it's down (for good reason).

Her ult has a huge radius which is very nice and is good for comboing burst. Also it's an ok escape tool, but not to be relied on due to the huge cooldown.

Her passive on death is again kinda meh - I like Kog Maws better. If you die near a node it can be better to not shoot at all if you suspect reinforcements will arrive shortlyish. The threat of you shooting will often keep enemies at bay.

My build - 21/9/0 masteries

Typical items
Boots (upgrade to ninja tabi or merc treads depending)
Abysall Sceptor
Frozen Heart
Build into a Deathcap if the game goes long

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I see the "ranged plants " have too short a range.

Example: I had one on one edge of a control point. My opponants stood on the opposite side & the plant did not hit them.

It seems to be a shorter distance then Zyra can hit herself ... this is disappointing for a "long range" element.

---- other change ---
I should not be able to send the "death shot" until it is up. Many times I've been playing, die & have already qued up my "death shot" before I realized I was dead. ... this might be a bug.

Beyond those two things, I really like her.