Feature request: Report in champ select.

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So I'm right around 1200 elo right now, and from my lowest(~850) to here, at least one out of 3 games there is a troll in champ select. You know the type, they say things like :

"I play <position> or I feed"
"Its GG, he didn't ban <champion>"
"I guess that means double mid"
"You pick after me so you are playing <position>"
"We have to <something> or we lose"

There are many more things like this that are said during champ select that set a bad tone for the game and do not foster teamwork. We should be able to report these players right in champ select.

If a player is reported in champ select for not cooperating or having a negative attitude, then is also reported during the game, this gives the tribunal a better indication that they are an actual troll, not just someone who had a bad game.

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You should read my suggestion for this in this thread http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2332827.