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About Zyra - Rise of The Thorn

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I find Zyra not as strong as everyone claims to make her out to be. I'm actally dissappointed to be honest. She is extremely squishy. Her plants die extremely fast when attacked by champs and i also noticed that cooldown reductions do not apply to her seed storage. Which 17sec down to 12.5 after fully upgraded is long to only have 2 max. Her ult seems to have a delay that seems to put champs at the end of the ring and she seems to get more assists than anything. You could easily use two plants and her ult and not kill someone. I like her alot as a champ but i think they need to make her stronger. I feel like Sona is stronger to be honest.

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Wise Babylonian

Junior Member


just because someone doesn't fluently speak the language doesn't mean you can make fun of them.

With that said, STOP QQ'ing about Zyra. of course shes supposed to hide in bushes and ambush. shes a freakin PLANT!!

also, having trouble with Zyra? Just focus her like any other champ.

LOL, yes shes a freakin plant, but a OP freakin plant.
IMO she need a nerf on the damage of the spells. That thorn explosion is sick early game!

And dont mock ppl who dont speak english fluently, like me. This is a game forum! if u wanna talk about grammar, go to another one.

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There is a reason her plants die in what 1-3 hits? Even at lower stages. And her armor/magic resist scaling is beyond low. If someone decent gets within melee range she's done for.