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What do you think?

I love this idea! Make another Mode and Implement Immediately! 1 16.67%
I love this idea so much that they should Overhaul classic mode to this concept! 1 16.67%
I do NOT like this idea. 4 66.67%
Max out the Re-spawn wait at over 8 deaths 0 0%
Max out the Re-spawn wait at under 8 deaths 0 0%
Max out the Re-spawn at over 74 second wait 0 0%
Max out the Re-spawn at under 74 second wait 1 16.67%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 6 .

Overhaul on "Time to Re-spawn"

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Junior Member


I would like a new Mode in League of Legends. I wouldn't suggest implementing this in the classic mode since it is a major change, but I feel Riot should consider adding a new mode with this implemented.

Currently, the re-spawn wait increases as you level up. I would like to play in a mode in which your re-spawn time increases with your number of deaths.

Why? Some times I feel players who are not performing well need a little more convincing to work with the team. Some times I feel players go on doing their own little thing while forgetting about their team.

Is this fair for someone who isn't performing well? Sure, this just teaching the player to work with their team to win the game rather than just trying to win their lane by them-self.

How does this convince team work? Simple, as a player dies more, the player's re-spawn wait increases causes the player to become more behind in gold and levels. The player would be forced to play defensively and accept help from the team.

How much should the maximum re-spawn wait should be? How fast should it escalate?
I think I created a reasonable formula:

10 + x^2 = y

x = number of deaths
y = number of seconds until you re-spawn the next time you die

X: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Y:10 11 14 19 26 35 46 59 74

Maximum re-spawn wait at 8 deaths with 74 seconds to wait.

Obviously, maxing out the re- time at 8 deaths and a max of 74 seconds and x^2 could all be changed. May be the max should be 9 deaths or 5 deaths or may be the formula should be x^(1.5) or x^3..... etc.....

Let me know what you think!

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Junior Member


That's not the best idea. Think of it this way.

AD Carry is pretty significant to a team win.

You wan't them to die and stay outta the action more often.

AD carry is gonna be pressured all game long by jungler, etc, trying to rack up early kills.

Granted I'm tired and doing a horrible job at making my point, but you get the idea. Fill in the blanks.

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also this just encourages people to ditch their team allday in a selfish act to save themselves. it might be fine in a 5v5 premade but with random people. Well, bad things would end out happening :c

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Nea De Penserhir

Senior Member


Nothing like quadra-ganks on the carry lanes all game every game.

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Azrael Varsyth



One other thing would need to be added to this to make it viable. All other statements about getting people who want to save their own skin are mostly true.....to counterbalance this, have the respawn adjusted by your assists and kills, so even if you're getting focused down, you're not going to pay a penalty for it. The penalty will be applied to those who aren't team players...those with high deaths and low assists.

I've seen several people when I've gone in solo who ignore me backing away with no health to try tower diving them at a little under half health, several times within minutes and not having luck. I know that Riot doesn't want to punish players for doing badly at their game, but I still think this could help people make better decisions in games...or at least prevent them from feeding the enemy team as much.