DC'ed when match about to end - NOT IN HISTORY

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Alright, so I was playing Jayce and when we are at the nexus with is almost gone it says: Attempting to reconnect

I was like alright lets wait, after 5 mins I restart the client and there is no reconnect button so I was like we won, and when I go check my match history the GAME THAT I PLAYED WAS NOT THERE?

What the heck? Is this for real? First time happened to me and my internet is blazing fast with a ping of less than 100.

Oh and it was normal blind pick 5v5 match.

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This points towards a server error. If every person in the game is disconnected, the game seizes to exist.

Unfortunately, you did not receive and IP/Exp, however, you do not get a penalty of any sort because of this game.

It is very reasonable to expect some minimal server errors, such as this one, at this moment in time.