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Left Champion Select, game started anyway, won't let me back in

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Hello, I just had a weird occurrence that I think is a bug.

I started an ARAM in the Proving Grounds and we got to champion select. At around a tiny bit after the countdown ended, one of my friends in Skype said they wanted to play with myself and some other friends. I clicked the X at the top right corner of the client to try and end the champion select and go back to the team select menu and when I did it took me out of the client.
However, the game still continued to start and my friends went into their loading screens. I logged back in to try and join them but instead of bringing me to the screen with the option to reconnect to the game, it just brought me to the normal main LoL screen on the client.
I tried relogging several times to bring up the reconnect option with no luck. Now my friends are still playing the game without me as I type this.
Is this a bug or did I just screw up my client? Help please