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play button do not work and the launcher is downloading a 1583 MB patch

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hello summoners

after downloading the mid july patch i have an other patch downloading that is 1583 MB and my KBps still at 0 despite my good internet quality , i tried to let him finish downloading but began downloading an other patch 2933 MB !!!

i contacted support and the are trying to solve my problem for 5 days now and it useless.
i wich that support or you can help me to fix this problem
this is what i tried:
-uninstalling the game and installing it again,Adobe Air too
-desactivate Firewalls,Peer-to-Peer option
-solving the problem of DNS connection
-uninstalling Pando Media Booster
-i have w7 with all updates

THis things can help:
analysis link:http://n1.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/summary/id=43ca253f-5963-cdac4fe6-dafa-4867-bd07
and process list and network log as attachment
please Help me