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Connection Trying to Re-establish...

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Mason Entrican

Junior Member


I experienced a server crash / lag while playing a ranked game (Summoner's Rift 5v5: Ranked Solo / Duo) on July 24th at roughly 1:00 AM PST.

Notable observations:
- The game never ended, but seemed frozen with the message "Trying to Reconnect" at the top of my screen.
- I was able to see the chat, but after a long lag (about 15 seconds) but eventually that froze as well.
- I was still able to move around the map, but not able to move my character, nor were my teammates moving or minions.
- The gameclock was still running.

I hope this sounds familiar to other players experiencing this issue, and hope it can be fixed!

My action was to leave the game through the options (hoping I could reconnect) but did not have the option to reconnect and the game did not appear in my match history.

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Did you try to relog? I had the same problem around the same time. Alt tabbed out saw that my internet was working and relogged and everything was fine. Usually when I have connection problems I disconnect from the game to check if I can still connect to the server thru the client. Also just notice a Ranked Queues being disabled so there has obviously been others with this problem