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How to train at gaming

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What is the right balance between jungling and ganking though? I often find myself either sitting in a bush waiting for too long for the enemy to overextend or I find myself jungling too much and then when I'm at say the top part of jungle their bot pushes so I rush there and by the time I get there they've already backed off.

Unfortunately there is no "right balance".. You have to find that balance in each and every game with each champion you play..

Sometimes, you can only clear your major buffs and farm your jungle every two minutes, because you can gank SO often and counter-jungle SO often that you are very rarely in your own jungle..

Other times, you're forced to farm your own jungle because there are no ganks available, and the enemy jungler is protective of theirs and may try to invade yours.

Good rule of thumb is: ALWAYS keep your eyes open for potential gank opportunities.

This is one reason why champions like Mundo, Lee, and Shyvana are so good as junglers.. They are almost always ready for those opportunities.

If gank opportunities do not present themselves, try talking your team into creating them, while you farm your jungle a bit more..

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tht your stats good

you cant really train you have to practice at something so much thts wht makes you good btw here is my guide to get out of elo hell

ntroduction Back To Top
This guide is for ppl that started playing ranked, lost a few games, got an elo below 1300 and want to get higher. It is not for ppl that have never played a ranked match (this season). Those get up to 70 elo +- per game. That can get you out pretty fast ;-). Read this only if u get around 12 elo +- per game and don’t know how to win 20 games to leave those 1.1k elo or even those 900 elo.

Basic assumptions:

- You are in Elo Hell. (<1350 elo – elo hell is around 900- elo, but with this guide you can get to 1400)

- I’m not. I was. I got out. (ca. 1600 now (btw, I’m a supporter!))

- I got out.

- You didn’t.

- You listen to me and follow my guide word by word and step by step or you leave now.


Step 1 – Champ select Back To Top
Basically, getting out of elo hell is a matter of winning games. You might say thanks captain obvious, but read it again. And again.

And now consider this: Your team will not win the game for you. YOU have to win the game.
Got that? Good.

Now, with a good team, all 5 positions are important. But you will not get a good team. You will get flamers, leavers, noobs, feeders and all that **** elo hell is really for. Now get this clear, if u rage, feed, leave, flame then you belong into elo hell and nobody can get you out. Nobody wants to. So if u got angry in a game, which is totally understandable, do not touch the enter button. DON’T.

Ok, before we start, basic rules:

- Rage quit
- Flame (it won’t make you feel better but it will make your team play worse)
- Play support. Sorry, it just doesn’t work.
- Play an Ad-Carry. (If you are good enough to get fed and then carry against fed junglers, mids and tops, you don't need this guide. But therefore you need map overview, teamfight overview and gaming skills. Puts you at at least 1600 elo. Probably more)
- Surrender (You can still win. Maybe one of them quits. Maybe fire drops from the sky. I don’t care. DO NOT SURRENDER)

What does that leave us? Right. You play a jungler, ap mid or solo top, you lead your teammates to victory by spam-pinging Baron after acing (yes you may spam ping, just get it clear to them until everyone moves his but) and by ignoring every insult and idiocy they write.

Having set the positions you want to play, we want to establish the champs.

Go to your ranked stats. Check out the champs you have played.

Forget these champs:

- You have more than 10 games with them and less than 50% wins.

- Your KDA is below 2.0

- You have 4 more losses than wins with them.

From the champs you have not forgotten yet, make a list.
Put on the list all champs you play good. (No supports, no ads)

Does your list have more than 10 entries? – What are you doing in elo hell then, pro? Or did you lie to yourself? Try again!

Does your list have more than 5 entries? Delete one.

Does your list have 4-5 entries? Good, next step.

Does your list have 3 or less entries? Buy sth. op (at this elo) like lee, shaco, kassa, sion, morgana, skarner, udyr, ahri, shen or another ap like malza, annie, cassio, brand or a jungler with nice dmg like fiddle, panth, fizz, gp, maybe rammus for nice speed ganks and taunt and pushing, maybe amumu for ult. Go learn that champ. Do not come back before u got at least 40 games with it.
(The list is not complete, there are other good champs, those just went to my mind first).
Step 1.5 – Prepare Back To Top
Play every champ you have on your list 5-10 times in Normal Draft Mode. Learn to dominate your lane or to gank properly.

Yes I know, you are already able to, that’s why the champ is on your list. Blabla! Why are you here? What did I say? Do what I say!

And for every lose in that 5-10 games (it’s your choice if its 5 or 7 or 10 games, but think about it before starting and don’t change your mind afterwards), so, for every lose, play another 2 games. If you played more than 10-20 games (twice what you wanted to) play another 5. Same rules. Practice is the key to victory.
This will take time. You don’t have time? Why play LoL then?
Step 2 - Win Back To Top
You are now able to successfully join a game and get a champ you can play. Remember, don’t play a champ that’s not on your list.

More than 50 % is already done.

If you ask yourself why I named only junglers or aps in my champ list, I will tell you THE secret of elo hell now.


If u take solo top, take tp.

And another secret: Wards. 75 gold. A kill gives 300+ gold. Now if one of those 4 wards gives you a kill or prevents the opponents from taking one, it was worth it. Even better, if one of 10 wards prevents them from getting drake or gives you drake. WORTH IT.
Your support will not ward. Or not enough. Do it yourself. Remember? YOU have to win the game.

If you decided to play solo top now, your task is pretty easy. Get farm, get dmg and tankyness, initiate fights. Kill the carries. Or if u got an idiot always running into them, use him as meat shield and – yes, kill the carries.

Before that, don’t get killed by gank. WARDS! Kill your opponent or deny him if possible. Remember, chances are good you are the better player. He’s in elo hell too. But Even the worst idiot can kill you if he has a gun. So WARD and have your escapes rdy. Gp, don’t use orange to start fight. Jarvan, don’t use flag to start fight. And so on. (Unless your jungler is there, that’s different then, but will he be there? With a big portion of luck maybe..). Try some tp ganks (don’t lose your tower or 3 minion waves for that plz..). Be there for dragons. 190 gold * 5- that’s worth your tower + the 3 minions waves. You might even get some kills there. You can lose that tower once, but dragon 10 times. But he won’t push your second tower at second drake . If you don’t let him, that is. Push out, get drake.

And you want the game to last long. You will get undestroyable. Imagine.. a Mundo with 5 warmogs and atmas. Build like that, play like that, go mad, kill everything that isn’t protected by at least 2 other guys. Ohh, leads me back to? MAP CONTROL .

That’s basically it for solo top.

Btw for everyone, dragon timer is 6 mins. Write it down. Time every dragon. It might sound ridiculous to time dragons if your team doesn’t care about it.. But u can just get a pink ward 1 min before it’s up and do it all by yourself ;-).

If you did not decide to play top, maybe you are the jungler now.

Congratz I say. You will get flamed. But you cannot gank every lane at every time.


Important things: Don’t get underleveld. Gank mid. Gank bot. Gank top. If u gank mid and you are lucky, you get a second person fed and ganking. Did I say gank mid already? It’s so important, I’ll say it again. Gank mid. Bot is easier kill, but top shouldn’t be feeding and is less often warded.
If you have a leaver, try to have somebody on each lane, go where you are needed but try to be able to roam.

You may invade the jungle too, but don’t go into red buff zone, you will get killed. Mid runs there, other entry top/bot runs there, jungler is there, you are alone. Shaco can do that. Nobody else. Try warding enemy blue.
(If their jungler is at the other side of the map and doesnt have red, you might get it, but dont run through bot's brushes they are warded too often).
Smite it. Smite dragon too. Baron!! Smite wins games. After stealing blue, run, don’t fight there if it’s not a sure and FAST kill. Long fights will get you killed too.
Jungling route? I don’t care. Gank!

Another thing I like to notice here: Don’t follow someone into death. Just let him die if he refuses to listen to your spammed v-pings.

If you decided to play Ap Mid then you got work to do.
First – Masteries and runes on early burst dmg. Win your lane or lose the game.

Farm minions. Don’t die. Farm opponent. Don’t die. Sometimes push lane and gank bot. Or top mb. Rather bot, 2 kills ;-). Don’t die. Start ganking at lvl 4-7 if possible. Don’t lose your tower while ganking. Don’t die. Don’t die. Don’t freaking die man! Have flash, go b if u can’t survive. Tell jungler to take xp then. He needs it. Get ap. Kill opponent. And so on.

If you don’t win the lane at mid, you don’t win the game. Maybe it’s a win, but YOU didn’t win it.
I had 80% wins at 30 games with annie in 1200 elo. Now I have 60% and stopped playing her. It’s not difficult to kill some elo hell mid ap. They all want to play it. The good ones get out fast. Rest stays. So kill him! And again, can’t say it often enough, gank. 1 fed person doesn’t win a game. I lost a game with 12:0:0 swain because team stats were 12:7. Leave kills to other ppl after you have 3-4.

Steal the kills if you wouldn’t get an assist else – then apologize. Don’t try to reason. Apologize. Don’t do that too often in one game . Mad teammates play bad. Cheer them up. If you have to lick their asses to make them happy, do it. Happy teammates win the game.

Teamfights are very easy. First rule – team up 5 v x (if u can). Not 4 v 5 not 1 v 5 . 4 v 4 is ok if the fifth opponent is not gp/karthus and cannot get there. Check tp! Oh btw, if you are playing Karthus –> Mejais! If you can't get your team together, kill opponents one by one and split push, backdoor, your team will eventually get together when they go for your inhibs. Win tf then.

Second rule. Ap mid may initiate if he can kill 2 ppl. KILL I say. Else you stay behind until you get a clear shot at the fed guy (not if he’s a tank) or 2 squishies.
Top or tanky jungler may initiate. Or maybe the feeder will. But you don't go die because nobody will follow.

Fight only for reasons, split pushing wins too. Reasons: Drake, Baron, being under your tower. Being one more. Having caught one - Kill him before help arrives - If you took all your spells on that, spam ping v. Go back. RUN.
Step 1.75 – You lost Back To Top
That happens. Take a break now. 10 Minutes. Eat something. Drink something. Masturbate. Or don’t. But don’t start a new game immediately. Get something different into your mind. If you really raged there, get some sleep. Or play normals. But consider that after losing a game, chances of losing the next one are increased because you still think on the last one, rage faster, make dumb mistakes and so on and so forth.

Additional, read this guide:
I find it really great and it will surely help you win.
Some other things Back To Top
That’s it. You should be able to win now. Really.

But I can’t end this without talking about Duo-Q and ad's. If you do, you should know that your opponents will have a duo-q team too. So don’t get a ****** as mate even if he is a rl friend. Chances are good that your opponents might not have a ******.
But that’s not all about it. I played with friends that were no ******* and still lost. Why? I didn’t follow this guide. Mostly, I played support. Ofc, I like it, but it doesn’t win low elo games.
Best duo-q is Mid and Jungler. Feed mid, gank all lanes all the time. Make the ap able to roam and u have 2 junglers suddenly. Think about gambling boots like Sion does. Kill mid wave, gank again.
Don’t go duo-bot lane. Plz. 1 Lane winning, 2 lanes losing and 2 squishies, haven’t you learned anything? That ap mid will rape you.

But if you dont want to listen to me and still play ad, know your basics. You should be winning your lane (like every other position) even if your support is retarded (yes, he will be). You SHOULD stealö every kill you can get. You have to stay out of focus after you got fed. An ad carry can rape everything, but its hard. If you win your lane you will win more than 50% of your games .. but if you win 70% of your games as solo-q ad-carry then ur good. Thats ahrder than winning 70% of mid/jungle games.


That’s it for the guide, now something about me:
First season elo stayed around 1350. That is still my elo at solo top, ad-carry and most junglers. My ap mid elo is a little higher, not 1600 though. My fiddle-jungle elo.. I don’t know.
I don’t know my support elo neither, but it got me up to 1600 already. Let’s see.

This season I started losing a few games, got my elo down to 1k by failing and bad luck I guess. Part of it was failing solo top ;-). I admit that. Then I started playing Fiddle jungle and Annie mid almost only.

I had 80% wins with them. Together like 50-60 games. That got me up to around 1400 – I supported the rest of the way.

My summoner name is Malgus El Enano. That means Malgus The Dwarf which btw is my second acc.
I’m from Germany but lived 5 years in Mexico – that’s where the Spanish name comes from. I like ice cream and play Lol. That’s all you gotta know .

Tell me if you find mistakes, discuss the content or the way I wrote with me (I like to consider me a junior author though I’m not, but I love discussing that ). Tell me what you think I promise I won’t hate you for it. If this guide is **** – don’t tell me, I don’t want to know . Nah, joke, tell me why please. But remember, above 1400 elo this does not apply. And I won’t write a guide for higher elo cuz there are enough and I don’t know **** about it anyways.
Thoughts of the day, additional comments, wtf-section Back To Top
Somebody just told me that everyone in elo hell thinks he rules and his mates make him lose always.
I say "YOU have to win the game". Ignore your (failing) mates, if you cant carry them out then you belong in elo hell. But you can. Everyone can if he just stops behaving like an idiot. And nobody that got lvl 30 is not able to win a game if the jungler presents the kills on a silver plate. If that isn't enough, present another kill :P.


Gamble boots rule for ganks


Thornsnail is so underrrated - try it out, just 2k gold. And because it's you, i'll give you 10% discount!


Planning chapter about how to play 4v5 and 5v4. Suggestions please .


Heard that 2 bruisers or 1 bruiser with stun (mao e.g.) + ad (vayne/graves?) win bot hard on low elo. Never tried that. Tell me moar. Would have to get very fed and push tower fast though. Roam after. Could work. <<< Edit: Tried it out, sth like ap Sion + ad panth bot works fine. Just get fed like hell, take the tower and thens screw mid and their jungle. But its not so much about last hitting anymore then, rather about killing them all the time. If you stop getting kills at some time of the game you got a problem. (Go offensive summoners, not cv)


Read this: http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=14648

P.S paperbatt is my second account this one with the 1600 is the real account

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This is same with me so far the little things I learned that are important is not missing a single C.S. I heard a good way to help C.S is play a custom match and every time you miss a creep you quit and restart. It may be very tedious but it helps a lot after a while and it gets locked in your head. I also learned a lot from playing games that are close matches and they are good. Normally when you lose you learn more then when you win every time and you improve by learning from your mistakes. Another important thing awareness and always be able to tell where people are and if they are mia or not. And if your really thinking about going pro and stuff like that is practicing your reflexes and getting them better, Im sure there are many reflex exercises online. Some game houses also have the players on diets and workouts to keep them healthy and alert. Over all a lot of the game seems to be judgement and teamwork. I hoped this helps.