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Related to bugsplat crashes since patch...

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Bump, and related to:

The game works fine, but will crash hard at the loading screen after champion select. The Champion Summoning screen will appear with all the champs and spells labeled correctly, but mine will instead not even have the text "Summoning" or anything beneath it. Then after about a second of that, the game crashes into bugsplat with an error report. Sometimes will experience difficulties logging back in or even getting patch launcher to open (restarting fixes this). I have updated my drivers, used the repair client tool, run as admin, disabled my firewalls, uninstalled and reinstalled twice, and still cannot fix this myself. I have seen the many common threads on the forums with thousands of people experiencing the same issue of random bugsplat crashes at certain points in game play since the last patch. What can we do and when can we expect a fix? Will the Zyra patch be able to change it?