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Having a terrible lag in games if there is a player with a high ping

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Mid Soraka

Senior Member


So I have submitted a ticket, and even got banned for one day for getting disconnected from this stupid lag when I play LOL

Maybe 3~4games out of 10 games, I have a terrible lag and I seem to have these lags whenever there is a player with a high ping. In other games, I can play perfectly fine, but in a game with lags, I keep getting disconnected, my level keep shows up as 1, it tells me that I did not learn any skills, I can use any of my summoner skills.

Basically I cant do anything, but I see other people, minions doing stuff, updates chat, kills & deaths just fine.

So I am wondering is there anyone who is having a similar problem as me? After most recent patch, whenever I finish a game, error report keeps popping up too...