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Is there anything i can do?

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Lately i have been having an issue with the client on the loading screen that makes the client close. The problem is that when i try to log back on it gives me that .pkep error and shuts the client down and most recently i have had that Bug Splat error come up. As well with the issue of when i go to log back on the sever is busy so i cant log back on and it becomes a report. Well today i was banned for idling/afk when in reality most of my disconnects come from this problem. I understand that not all of my leaves come from this but however it is a large chunk of the issues. I sent numerous reports and yet have gotten help. This is my second ban i believe and i don't want to loose my account for this(have never been ban for anything else).
I have deleted and re-installed and yet still have these problems. Does riot take away bans or is there a window of time that the bans are taken off from the account and don't accumulate?