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Unspecified error has occurred, please check the logs for details

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I just got this error today "Unspecified error has occurred, please check the logs for details". I was playing LoL last night. I did a system restore to 7/20/2012 from safe mode and it did not fix the issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it did not fix the issue.

The download stops at 33%. After my reinstall I attempted to uninstall again and got error "Error Code: -5006 : 0x8000ffff"

I did the following posted by a wrenchmen in a past thread:

Hi everyone - give this a try:

- Delete all traces of LoL Files and folders
- Download CCleaner (Free version is under the paid link)
- In CCleaner, go to 'Registry' and scan for issues
- Fix all found issues, and be sure to make a backup when asked!

- Try reinstalling
- If it fails, go back into CCleaner, go to 'Tools', select League of Legends and select Uninstall
- If this fails, select League of Legends, select Delete Entry, then try to reinstall.

I did run CCleaner's cleaner and registry cleaner successfully.

This did remove the program. I am reinstalling at this point a second time but I do not have faith this will fix the issue. Please advise.