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Heimerdinger's Turrets.

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They used to have much better range and there were 3, so their crappy AI wasn't as noticeable... plus many champs seem to be getting more and better useful quick movement abilities/gapclosers that really tends to make turrets less useful. Good gapclosers in their ability set used to pretty much be an assassin-only thing, now you see all kinds of really good gapclosers and movement abilities popping up on newer fighters, carries, even mages. Agree about him needing a rework.

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IMO, a problem with heimer is that his turrets require 20 seconds to get replacements, and they die instantly from any adc aa.
1 shot dead while they are safely out of range.
The solution of increasing how many and how often they can be placed is wonderful.
Since this bypasses their durability problem.

Making them less durable isn't bad, in fact it balances out with the quantity changes.
However it makes their presence less important.
If they would make their health scale off of something else... like ap or something else...
They could be far more useful.

I love the mechanic of picking up spare parts and the turrets needing amo.
I'm not a big fan of making the turrets weaker but more plentiful.
Hell I would love it if you could repair turrets as a skill... of coarse that's what his ult does currently.
However like I said, the 1 shot dead problem leaves his ults repair function worthless.