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Looking for some tips. :]

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Note: Rather lengthy at 1hr 2mins


This game was rather intense you could say. Everyone on my team was in Skype call and we were working together fairly well at the end.

I realized I should be more aggressive in team fights and was wondering if someone could give me some more tips regarding this game play.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I did.

Thank you in advance for any tips.

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game took way too long

without watching the match, I can confidently say that you need to aggressively go after objectives - buffs, dragon, towers, baron

99.9% of all games over 1hr happens because the team with the advantage fked around too much and didn't group for fights around objectives - or sometimes more legitimately, thought they were weaker and played defensively

like a game of chess, if you can sack your queen to kill their king, do it. sometimes the best move is to get aced, if that means your minions will push their nexus. sometimes it's necessary to die, even if you're the adc (rarely)

if you can win a fight and keep your adc alive, you can usually get at least 1 tower and some objectives around the map. even if ur adc is the only one alive, she can still duel the turret even if there's no time to push minions up.