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A Light in the Desert (NasusxLux)

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oooh Interesting! Considering the history of T'sa and Nasus in this Fic... and Nasus's current intrest in Lux, I wonder whether she will think Nasus is raising a Harem what with Ahri, Eve & lux all helping in his goals hahaha.

On a more serious note I have enjoyed reading this story. You seem to have a knack for describing a scene which really breathes life into the dialogue.

Interested in seeing where you take this story, GL HF writing!

EDIT: Also the intro scene with Ori + Malz was v.cool

Hehe, well, I see Nasus as being a one-lady only kind of anthropomorphic dog
Still, he does have a knack with my various mid champions, doesn't he?

It's actually funny, my two newest champions, Fiora and Diana, are my new best top and mid, but they probably won't show up very much at all.

Ori/Malz is fun. I love trying out cute things to do with his voidlings, and of course Orianna is just the sweetest/creepiest robot girl <3

Hope you enjoy the Introduction! You can PM me with spoilery questions on FF.net if you like, since I know Babdobk (did I spell that right) was interested in that.

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It's Badok, actually. Morphed into its current form through series of unfortunate accidents. So, I sent you my essay (the amount of text really got out of control) with ideas, predictions, criticism and stuff.

And there is one thing that keeps me bothered, just forgot to ask about it before. In some chapter Nasus mentions in his self-monologue that only females of his kind have tails. What does it make Renekton, then? xD

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It's Badok, actually. Morphed into its current form through series of unfortunate accidents. So, I sent you my essay (the amount of text really got out of control) with ideas, predictions, criticism and stuff.

And there is one thing that keeps me bothered, just forgot to ask about it before. In some chapter Nasus mentions in his self-monologue that only females of his kind have tails. What does it make Renekton, then? xD

...That's an excellent question.




I...don't play Renekton...a lot. Oh, gosh darn it.


I got this guys. Just...give me a while.

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Okay! Well, only females of his kind--the hound humanoids--have tails!

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Author’s Note: This is the Evelynn judgment I attribute to my Evelynn.
Also, there’s a little something in here for you, Badok 

Chapter 1: Pulse

Ahri’s chambers are not what he expected.

As a creature of seduction, he had supposed…well…his imagination and the vast array of books in the Great Library did provide a large amount of source material that he could not bring himself to voice. He had been ready to brace himself against a wide variety of charm spells and love magics. However, whatever array of rose-colored silks he had imagined, the sight that greets him after rising early in the morning, breaking his fast with a buttery cook book, and making his cautious way to the Nine Tailed Fox’s room at the edge of the Ionian wing, makes him stand speechless for a moment.

It is as if he has suddenly been transported in a lush forest, a place of tall, green-leaved trees and cold, trickling streams and deep pools in shadowed glens. He can see no evidence of walls or stone or anything other than the lazy sprawl of nature. He glances over his shoulder and is relieved that he can still see the hallway—the door appears as a square cut out of the chilly morning air.

The chill. Nasus supposes that the air would feel pleasant on a human’s skin, but for him, the air is wet enough to stick in his lungs, so moist and cold that his fur grows thick and dark as it drinks in the humidity. The moisture condenses on his chestplate and he shudders as he is forced to take another breath. The cold settles into his bones and he stamps his feet to try and keep his blood flowing.

“Ah, Nasus,” Ahri purrs, and he glances up to see her lying on a hammock strung between two pine trees, their needles silvered by dew. The fabric itself is so fine and pale that he has to squint to see it. She is wearing a strawberry-and-white dress with a green cloth butterfly attached by a braid to her waist, and a series of slender sticks through her short black hair, all in distinctively Ionian style. Ionian…Ah.

He smiles at her slightly and her golden eyes narrow in suspicion.

“Is the land from which you hail, fox-woman?”

“As best as I can recreate it,” she answers, her tails closing into one compact bundle as she leaps lithely from her bed to a branch, which dips under her weight until it is low enough for her to spring to the ground.

“What is missing should not be thought of so closely, lest its loss, ever-present, tear at your heart,” he growls gravely. He understands this. The temptation to use his magic on his own quarters was…powerful. He compromised with a more simple room, in the style of his people, familiar enough to let him rest easily but no elaborate illusion of that which was gone.

“It is as I like it,” she says, rising to her feet as her tails flare out around her. “If I returned here in life, it would not be as I knew it. And I am not as it would know me.”

“You are more suited to communicate with me in your current shape,” he says, watching her look at the moss on the trees, her lips tightly pressed together. “And your tails and ears remind me of my own kind. I think I thus prefer you as you are, fox-woman.”

She smiles, slow and wicked, as she looks up at him. “I remind you of your own people, dear Curator? I could be very similar indeed, if that is what you desired.”

“I desire nothing,” he growls firmly, regretting his flash of pity. Ahri rolls her eyes and sighs, her tails flicking behind her.

“Yes, yes, I remember,” she snaps. “Right this way, then, incorruptible one.”

She pads across the forest floor and he follows, letting the door fall shut behind him. After a few minutes, they reach a clearing filled with spring moss and large, flat stones—an obvious meeting place.
“You have made this very comfortable for us,” he rumbles.

“Anything for Lux,” Ahri says, perching on one of the rocks. “I don’t like seeing her get pushed around by a man.”

Nasus huffs and lowers himself onto the ground. His skin glows with desert heat long enough to chase the dew on the moss away, and he folds his legs over each other until he is sitting comfortably, with his staff resting on his lap.

“Is the fact that her assailant is male significant?” he asks, twitching his ears at the sound of birdsong.

“Usually I don’t think much of human men,” she sniffs. “They are easily controlled by their desires. Although, when you set your sights on someone and they could care less, you grow to appreciate the fallibility of humans.”

She lets out a long-suffering sigh and Nasus, slightly confused and definitely uncomfortable, grows very interested in the flowers by his sandaled feet.

They listen to the continued serenade of the birds until Ahri’s ears, hidden in her air, perk up enough so he can see their tufted tips.

“Ah, they’re here—hey, why are you so early, anyways?” she asks suspiciously.

“In case you planned to attack me, I wanted to minimize casualities,” he says gravely, tilting his head in her direction. A certain wry amusement passes across her face.

“Don’t you trust me, Curator?” she purrs, her tails twining around her as she rises.

“I trust you more than I thought I would when I first made your acquaintance, fox-woman,” he growls, “but the task before us is great and the potential for betrayal equally so. I assure you that I believed you would have put up a good fight—for a near-human, at least.”

“Hmph,” Ahri says softly, looking him up and down appraisingly. “You continue to surprise me, Nasus.” She flounces away before he can think of a reply, and he sits quietly, enjoying the illusory sunlight and grimacing at the oily feel of his fur as it continues to drink in the water from the air. He won’t need another drink for weeks.

But, if it was all an illusion, how could he get water? He frowns, glancing back up at Ahri.

Perhaps…only the light and the birdsong was illusion? Or the space was magically extended, with artificial sunlight and climate induced by the Summoners at the fox-woman’s request?

“This place-makes-the Ball-feel rusty,” Orianna complains, her unnatural voice echoing past the trees. Nasus leans back and watches with eyes half-closed as Ahri leads all four of her visitors to the clearing.

Malzahar is dressed in bright colors of white and yellow that are dusty with sand, and behind his mask Nasus can see the man’s skin, the dusty gold of a Shurima native. His eyesockets remain glowing pits of unearthly light. He floats just over the grass, golden energy supporting his feet, looking occasionally back at Orianna, who looks much the same as always. Her carved lips curve up sharply as the Ball helps her over a mass of roots, nudging under her elbow. Lux is just behind them, back in her normal garb, with a white-fisted grip on her baton as she scans her surroundings warily, and bring up the rear is Evelynn, her wicked smile appearing and disappearing as she fades in and out of visibility in patches of sunlight and shadow. Her magenta hair forms perfect, jagged points above her head, and the runic seal between her eyes gleams with fresh energy.

“Good morning, Curator, lovely to see you!” she chirps as she catches sight of him. Her high heels tear into the soil like claws as she dances over to his side, and sits in his shadow.

“You are excited, Miss Evelynn,” he notes gravely.

“I love a good plot,” she says, her eyes twinkling. “Everything’s always so boring around here, Nasus, you have no idea. Strife and suffering kept tightly under wraps, bottled up to hiss and splutter under rugs and door frames. Sweet poison, you know, bubbling everywhere, but no one ever lets me get at it. It’s terribly frustrating, dear Curator, for one such as myself, but oh now you’ve upset the cauldron and its eating away at the floorboards. Treachery! War! Sorrow! Chaos, sweet chaos, and pain…and all through it you want to protect this tiny, frail little creature. That’s so very interesting, dear Nasus. I look forwards to the outcome.”

“But yet you do still want to help me,” he growls softly, unimpressed by her speech. The demoness was a creature of evil, but there was a certain inconsistency in her words and actions…and Madred had given him access to the records of her judgment.

“Well, I wouldn’t do well in a world ruled by the forces of Order,” she sniffs, crossing her long legs.

“Then why not work with the Shadow Isles to get the Library for yourselves?” he asks.

Evelynn shot him a look through her long eyelashes. “I’m not part of them like Mordekaiser or Elise or Hecarim,” she said primly. “I don’t much like the undead and I don’t much like order in general, ever the order of the damned. I can stand doing a little good if it keeps things new.”

He pats her bare shoulder gently. “Did you end up listening to my conversation with Lady Luxanna?”
“Of course,” she says. “What kind of demon would I be if I didn’t?”

“So then you heard me tell her I trust you,” he presses her. A faint, violet blush creeps up the she-devil’s cheeks.

“That may prove your undoing,” she warns.

“Perhaps,” he rumbles.

She smiles shyly, a small thing, startling on her lush, wicked face, and returns to invisibility.

Ahri and the others reach the small clearing as he finishes his conversation and each, warily, takes their place in the circle. The Nine-Tailed Fox curls up across from Nasus, her eyes fixed on his face, while Orianna and Malzahar stand on her left side and on Nasus’ right, halfway around the circle. Malzahar sits cross-legged in midair, while Orianna remains standing, her head tilted at an odd angle as she winds up the key on her back. The Ball, ever watchful, floats around the perimeter.

Lux crosses to sit by Nasus. The skin on her face is drawn and pale and her shoulders hunch a little as she looks up at him. He looks at her shimmering hair and is aware that despite her difference in dress, she remains as sparklingly lovely as she did at the ball. With the barrier of perception crossed, it remained so, he guesses.

“Do not fear, nek’asha’mei,” he murmurs softly, before he turns his attention back to the rest of the group.

“You were wise to come here,” he begins. “You are of different peoples, and none of you are human, except the Lady Luxanna. Still you understand the threat that is to come.

Malzahar, Orianna, you are not as…caught up on circumstances as the rest of us. To be brief; on my homeworld there is a library, the Great Library, and it is the knowledge of many worlds and many people. There are great and terrible secrets, weapons of that my people, the Eternal Empire, have captured from our enemies and locked away so they can never be used again. There is power in the knowledge there and spells that are more than Runeterra has ever known, incantations that would tear your planet apart quicker than another Rune War, magic that could give Morgana victory over Kayle in an instant, or bring the Void a thousand new conquests, or give the Shadow Isles an endless supply of corpses to feast on. If any one nation or power could command what lies within, they would be the master of all others. It is so dangerous that not even those of the Eternal Empire are allowed to look upon it. To protect it, one of our people is selected to become the Curator of the Sands, the guardian of this library from all that would use it for evil or good, one of such incorruptible heart and mind that they can be trusted with all the knowledge that is hidden within. This guardian, as you know, is I.
Now, this library is well protected again the immortals of my world and the humans, as well as from the denizens of the other worlds we know. However, your people, your Runeterra is unknown to us, and thus we are vulnerable to you. If I was there, I could hold the Great Library against any assault, but as I am not…”

“It’s vulnerable,” Lux says grimly, “which is where I come in.”

“If she gets a crack at it, I want one too,” Malzahar grumbles.

“Nobody gets a ‘crack’ at anything,” he rumbles ominously. “The purpose of this gathering is to convince everyone that its extremely important that no one gets their hands on my library.”

“The Ball-and I-under-stand your worry, Curator Nas-us,” Orianna chimes in. “We do not want any-thing bad to hap-pen.”

“I like stability and I don’t like men trying to mess with things they do not understand,” Ahri hisses. “I’m still listening.”

“I’m bored,” Evelynn whines plaintively.

“Anyways,” Nasus grunts forcefully, fixing his audience with a quelling glare. “I believed that my world was safe from Runeterra and was thus reconciled to my exile. It has come to my attention that there are plans in motion to create a portal from the ruins of Shurima to my world, so that Demacian forces can attack and seize the Great Library. If they managed to take my people by surprise, they could very well flee with dangerous knowledge before the Eternal Empire rallied enough to crush them and close the portal. We must also assume that Noxus and Zaun know about these plans, because of their extensive spy network. I grant Ionia and Piltover the benefit of the doubt that they are not willing to indulge in anything so potentially cataclysmic.”

“Demacia has some sort of mage contact that is willing to construct the portal for them and knows how to do so,” Lux says briskly. “He or she does not have the last and most crucial reagent to do so, however, which is a sacred weapon, intimately connected to the spirit of Nasus’ homeworld, that will allow this person to piece the walls of space to connect the worlds together.”

“There are three weapons that I know of that would have that sort of effect,” Nasus continues, following on her heels. “My staff, Renekton’s glaive, and a dagger that belongs to the priesthood of Registrana…but as that is still on my homeworld, we can forget about it.”

Evelynn, unseen in the shadows, taps her chin thoughtfully with a long claw.

“I doubt that anyone could separate Renekton from his weapon without the League knowing about it,” Ahri murmurs.

“I agree,” Nasus says, “but we cannot entirely discount the possibility, nor that of someone managing to take my staff from me…although I cannot imagine how that would occur. The threat, therefore, should be minimal. However, the Demacians have appointed Lux to find a way to do so, and threatened her life if she does not succeed. I will not allow this to happen.”

Lux looks up at him and he pats her hand tenderly.

“I believe our priorities are three-fold. First, we must discover the identity of the Demacian’s contact, so that they may be neutralized as a threat. Secondly, we must find where the portal’s construction is taking place, so that it may be destroyed and all records that would allow for its rebuilding annihilated,” he continues.

“Reasonable enough,” Malzahar says.

“Lastly, if possible, we need to keep this matter from the League’s attention,” Nasus growls. “If the Summoners decide they want my library for themselves, their ability to open a portal will be greater than that of any city state. Therefore, removing knowledge of how to do so is eminently necessary.
We have two months before Lux is expected to present herself in the ruins of Shurima with one of the weapons—before all else that the portal requires is ready. I suggest that we gather as much information as we can in the interim about the forces we are facing before that time, then travel with her to the ruins and defeat our opposition. If the Demacians manage to open a portal at that time, we will be in a position to intervene directly and possibly cross over to my world to aid in its defense. Questions?”

“Sounds good to me,” Evelynn yawns.

“The Ball and I will-aid you-as we can, Curator Nas-us,” Orianna says firmly.

“We won’t let them hurt you, Lux,” Ahri says, leaning forwards and looking at Lux intently.

“The Void can’t invade, just a little?” Malzahar asks, pouting.

“My world is outside their knowledge,” Nasus growls. “And I assure you, even if they did come, the forces of the Eternal Empire would drive you back. It is best that no one has this knowledge, Malzahar. You understand that it could be used to cleanse your twisted army forever.”

“Fine,” he grumbles. “For Orianna, I’ll try and help you out.”

Lux remains quiet beside him and he turns to look at her.

“What do you say, my Lady?” he prompts her gently.

“What’s your homeworld’s name, Nasus?” she asks quietly. Her blue eyes are clouded and he cannot read them.

“We call it Ammun,” he answers, puzzled.

“Thank pain,” Evelynn groans, “a name instead of ‘homeworld’.”

“I was just curious,” Lux says defensively.

Nasus sighs and puts a paw over his eyes.

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Mmm, well, my rapidly-approaching-thirty-pages paper on the originality of fan fiction is nearing its end, which means I'm starting on Chapter 2: Locus of Power. I'll put up a separate post for it when I'm done.

Chapter 2's going to have T'sa again, and a focus on Malzahar, Jarvan IV, and Shyvanna. I hope it will expand on their character and motivations for you, as I do understand that it's lacking.

See you then!

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Yay!, Also I wonder if you might be doing some kind of scene between ori and malz, prehaps flashbacking to how it is they discovered each other?

Or how they developed their sense of humor?

The ball taking a trip through the void?

Would you mind linking the new post when you put it up? I have this threa on alert and I'd rather not lose track of the story haha.

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Malz is the window into which we learn more about Jarvan and Shyv. If I don't get to his cuteness with Ori this chapter, I will later. But it is coming!

What do you mean by linking the new post exactly? I always update the FF net link, and then put it up in a post for my FF net impaired readers, but is there some way I could offer I direct link to the post in the thread?

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i am reading, just not comenting.

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Good to see you around, Saladeo. I'm about halfway through Chapter 2: Locus of Power, and I'm now considering where to go with the sequel, since I've got the rest of the chapters already planned out.